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Swimming has been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since their inception back in 1896. Over the years, there has been a pantheon of greats who have dominated the swimming pool. Swimming is one of the most popular events of the Olympic Games.

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From these humble beginnings, swimming has now become a world-favorite sport.

“There was a swell and it looked really fun,” he says.

I hadn’t been to the beach in a long time, and was in need of a reunion of sorts with Mother Ocean.” The swell was washing all kinds of things up onto the beach, from kelp to trash, and when he came upon a discarded Mc Donald’s dinner tray, “I thought it was too big to simply run by.

So I was trying to find a photo to add to the thread when I stumbled upon this page.

Looks like it's an NBC Sports/Olympics page, with a brief history of swimming.

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