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Big thank you to everyone who took part in the Facebook live Valentines special.It was so much fun to host and ‘talk’ with you virtually.It was awkward but awesome” – Stephen Kramer Glickman, comedian “My best dating advice is don’t do it. [laughs] I am a divorced guy, and I would say just be really, really painfully honest.If there is any dating advice that works for me, that tip actually works.Celebrity guests included musicians Chris Brown, Snoop Lion and Sean Kingston; actor Jamie Foxx; former stars, Bob Guiney and Arie Luyendyk, Jr; and ESPY-nominees for Best Breakthrough Athlete Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colin Kapernick of the San Francisco 49ers, who was the winner of the award.We spoke to some of these famous faces about dating and relationships — check out their responses below! “My best advice is to just keep your partner happy! Everyone wants to be fake and put on this façade, and after six months, he or she is a whole new person.I find this quite unfair and detrimental to the Latino image globally.

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Those sites are the best way to get in trouble these days.

Some of the advice is good, and she managed to avoid writing anything actively damaging.

(As you can see, my expectations for dating advice are so low that merely avoiding to do harm gets me excited.) PUA communities spend a lot of time disparaging women with words like “shallow,” “gold-digger,” and “childish,” for having what they deem to be incorrect desires.

But often, women’s choices make much more sense if you assume women date for fun and companionship, just as men do.

If you don’t judge men for wanting sexiness, fun, and ego-boosting from women, then don’t judge women for wanting the same. for a guy who is indeed not being generous about women’s motivations.

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