Mars dating codes

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The space agency notes that a circular depression on Mars, which is probably an old impact crater, has limited the amount of sand available for dune formation and also influenced local winds.“As a result, the dunes here form distinct dots and dashes,” it said.The Mars Science Laboratory mission is part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort for the robotic exploration of Mars that is managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of California Institute of Technology. Mars rovers include Sojourner from the Mars Pathfinder mission and the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity.The total cost of the MSL project is about US.5 billion. Curiosity is about twice as long and five times as heavy as Spirit and Opportunity, The MSL mission has four scientific goals: Determine the landing site's habitability including the role of water, the study of the climate and the geology of Mars.

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“The smaller “dots” (called “barchanoid dunes”) occur where there is some interruption to the process forming those linear dunes,” NASA explained.

NASA’s goal is to send a manned mission to Mars by 2035.

Mars is recalling some of its bars of Galaxy, Maltesers Teasers and bags of Minstrels due to the “potential presence of salmonella”.

Julian dates are expressed as a Julian day number with a decimal fraction added.

It has been used by historians since its introduction in 1583 to convert between different calendars.

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