Who is gilbert arenas dating now gwar answers dating questions

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She also says that Arenas owns a bunch of marijuana clinics in California, and she wants a cut of their profits as well.Arenas hasn't responded to the lawsuit that was filed against him just yet. For what it's worth, the couple run into issues in the past and broken up on several occasions. After dropping a bomb on reality TV about her sister Gloria and her ex Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan is STILL adamant that something went down between them. As previously reported Laura said during a radio interview,that her own sister, Gloria Govan, was on her boo Gilbert Arenas so hard that she had to hook her up with Matt Barnes just to keep her distracted with a baller of her own and away from her man. Govan and former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, who have four children together, have been at odds for years now, and it seems that the onetime reality star’s little sister is involved in the rift.Govan believes her younger sister, Gloria — who is currently dating Derek Fisher and has twin sons with ex-fiance Matt Barnes — slept with Arenas.“We started dating and it was great, and then I introduced him to my family and in a short period of time it went south, real fast,” she shares.

"Defendant Govan's intent in this scheme was to embarrass plaintiff Arenas and to cause irreparable harm to his reputation," the lawsuit states. "As a direct and proximate result of defendant Govan's intentional, malicious, harmful and offensive acts, plaintiff has sustained severe and serious injury to his reputation," the lawsuit states.

In asking their thoughts on the messy situation of a divorce, Laura’s mother (also named Gloria) says, “I believe he manipulated her in a lot of ways.

I believe he’d have other friends…other women, other friends.” Hearing that, Iyanla says for them to call that out as it is, deceit and betrayal.

In a later segments, Laura explains that the reason she even joined the cast of was because she was angry and bitter.

Although she has four children with Gilbert, Laura expresses that she still felt lonely, a feeling that continued even after the cameras stopped rolling.

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